A Year Full of Nothing! But there’s still news kinda.

Look at that. A whole year. And not a single post here. Well, there was that weirdo Russian dumbass hAx0r, but I guess he finally realized there was nothing to gain from spamming such a tiny, ill-updated, damn near totally unknown blog like this. And ill-updated is right, I haven’t worked on Shizuku-chan in forever. And I haven’t written anything in Scarlet Training in about a year either. I realized also that GDS needs to be reworked entirely. Why? Howtowritemysteryfordummies.epub. I haven’t died of sheer vegetation though. Actually I entered into the Job Corps program. You might’ve caught a couple tweets from me regarding it. Going pretty well, I’d say. I should even have my CompTIA A+ certification in the next couple months. I also did manage to get back into writing… a bit. So I’m not completely out of it…kinda, even if you haven’t heard a damn thing from me. Oh yeah, that reminds me, remember that one dude I mentioned from that Blogger blog Culmination of Eternal Flame? Well you might be hearing a bit more about him from now on. From the flaming pony’s mouth, no less. Stay tuned for… something, after the break! (なう passin’ da mic.)


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