A Year Full of Nothing! But there’s still news kinda.

Look at that. A whole year. And not a single post here. Well, there was that weirdo Russian dumbass hAx0r, but I guess he finally realized there was nothing to gain from spamming such a tiny, ill-updated, damn near totally unknown blog like this. And ill-updated is right, I haven’t worked on Shizuku-chan in forever. And I haven’t written anything in Scarlet Training in about a year either. I realized also that GDS needs to be reworked entirely. Why? Howtowritemysteryfordummies.epub. I haven’t died of sheer vegetation though. Actually I entered into the Job Corps program. You might’ve caught a couple tweets from me regarding it. Going pretty well, I’d say. I should even have my CompTIA A+ certification in the next couple months. I also did manage to get back into writing… a bit. So I’m not completely out of it…kinda, even if you haven’t heard a damn thing from me. Oh yeah, that reminds me, remember that one dude I mentioned from that Blogger blog Culmination of Eternal Flame? Well you might be hearing a bit more about him from now on. From the flaming pony’s mouth, no less. Stay tuned for… something, after the break! (なう passin’ da mic.)

One response to “A Year Full of Nothing! But there’s still news kinda.

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